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Join our Community Out-Reach Project

Park Meadows Shopping Centre has been at the heart of the Kensington community for many years, and as a Shopping Centre we are eternally grateful for the support that we have received from our community, during good and bad times.

We have seen the different levels of positive & negative transformation over these years.

The past year has been especially difficult for our nation, with the rise of unemployment, social ills political uncertainty and an ailing economy. We know too well that this directly impacts all of us, and impact those less fortunate that us even more.

So, we decided to take a stand, and we would like to take that stand with you. We would like to introduce our all-inclusive community upliftment project, that we have code named Just-B-Cause. With the help of our community, we will make a positive difference within our area; Just Because we want to Uplift our beloved Kensington.

Let’s get started. Let’s be the change we wish to see.